Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The making of white embroidered crop top

So I had this pair of plain white crop tops lying around for a few months allready and although I didn't want them to jus lie I had no idea what to do something with them - but recently I saw this post on tumblr... And got super-inspired!

First I took one of my crop tops and marked the eyes (and later the quote) that I wanted to embroider. I used normal embroidery thread (like this) that is made up of 5 thinner threads - and used two of them. Then I feed them through my embroidery needle and tied the ends into a knot (which made my thread half as long as before). 

I started on the smallest eye (I thought that the smallest would be the easiest) with basic backstitch - that I in the end used for everything. You can find ton of tutorials "how to do backstitch" on youtube.

Here you can see (and it can see you!!) process of embroidering the second of three eyes - it took few hours to do but I guess thats just because my antiskill (and because of it I ended up stabbing my own thumb as well. Perfect.)

There are all three eyes altogether (and I think I am in love with them!) and the first three letters of the sentence I am going to embroider; "Guess who's watching you". The letters are a bit messy and shaky, but I don't really mind... It's more creepy that way :D

More letters that looks like they were written by seven years old. And at this point you can see all the puckers and pulls that this stretchy fabric made (but it's my falut... Note to myself: do NOT ever try to embroider stretchy fabric again). 

And voila! Here is everything completed. Interior of this crop top looks a bit messy (okay... really messy) but nobody will see that ;) I wanted to do something similar with the second crop top BUT a friend of mine asked me to ebroider it the same way so we could be the creepy twins... I am really looking forward to that!

Next time, I'll talk probably about lolita - I have one JSK and two skirts in progress but who knows where procrastination leads ;)


  1. Karune. return to lookbook plz!

    1. Don't worry ;) I have few outfits upcomming <3

    2. :3 im more concerned of your absence.. i send you another message.